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Structural VAR

Known Issues

  • Compressed Structural VAR window on Windows XP:
    If you run Structural VAR on Windows XP (and perhaps also on Server 2003 and Vista) you might discover that the Structural VAR window is compressed such that only its title bar is visible (see figure below). This has nothing to do with Structural VAR but is related to the inner workings of XP. A number of solutions to this issue seems exists, but the best solution is probably the one suggested by Dagfinn Rime. All other solutions essentially do the same thing, but also affect how other software are displayed. For that reason Dagfinn's solution is preferred.

    A compressed Structural VAR window

    Solution: In the directory where Structural VAR is installed, right click on "var.exe" and select "Properties". A dialog open as shown below. Within the "Display settings" frame on the Compatibility tab, make sure that "Disable visual themes" is check marked. Click on the Apply and then on OK button.

    Properties dialog of var.exe in Windows XP with the Compatibility tab.


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