The clip checks the file extension of the active document. If it's viewed as a TeX document and if it can locate latex.exe in MiKTeX's bin directory, latex.exe is launched (via a batch file if the clip is able to locate it and if you haven't set your Library preferences to skip batch files). After each run, you'll be prompted if you wish to run LaTeX again. If not, you'll be prompted if you want to view the log-file (unless you have set the "Library preferences" to skip these prompts). In case the active document is not viewed as a TeX document, an open file wizard allows you to select any document for input. The clip will automatically use the default TeX options. Initially, there are no default TeX options, but such options can be specified in the TeX with options clip. These default values are stored in TeXlips ini-file. To check the current default options run the TeXlips maintenance clip, select the "Check library settings" option, and check mark the TeX and friends default options settings box. Default options can be changed via the "TeX with options" clip and removed via the "Remove library settings" option in the "TeXlips maintenance" clip.